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Introduction of Task

Department Tasks
Production Production Technology · Establish plans for production and material procurement, and manage various data related to the production. · Secure cost competitiveness and develop enhanced technology.
Production Facilities · Carry out maintenance and improvement activities regarding overall facilities in the factory. · Operate and maintain the production facilities, respond to the expansion of the facilities and perform related management activities.
Facility Technology · Design, develop and manage machinery/facilities. · Renovate/Develop facilities for in-house facility development and productivity improvement.
R & D R&D(Research & Development) · Innovate business structures and processes, and develop high-value products. · Execute performance-oriented research and development activities related to the business strategy with the goal of finding and developing a future growth engine.
TS&D(Technical Service & development) · Provide technical support and training to customers, and provide differentiated solutions optimized for each customer. · Pioneer new markets and execute productivity improvements and cost saving activities.
Product Development · Develop product designs that meet customer's requirements. · Develop circuits that meet customer's requirements based on specialized knowledge of electricity/electronics/control.
Department Tasks
Sales Domestic Sales · Expand the business opportunities through finding new customers and obtaining the loyalty of existing customers. ·Execute sales management and customer management activities such as contracting and sales.
Overseas Sales · Perform overseas market research, analyze competitor trends, and find new customers. ·Establish sales strategy for each market, execute promotion activities, and carry out import and export activities.
Marketing · Predict market demands and analyze the market environment such as customers/competitors. ·Establish sales expansion directions and strategies by cooperating with sales and planning departments.
Support Procurement · Establish the procurement cost strategies and long-term & short-term procurement plans by forecasting the market conditions using the business environment and market analysis data. · Find new vendors and develop substitute parts for the diversification of raw material procurement routes, and promote cost reduction and the smooth supply of the materials.
Logistics · Perform activities to safely deliver the products to the customers in and out of the country. · Reduce costs and enhance competitiveness by improving the logistics system and processes.
Legal Affairs · Prepare contracts that are necessary for major projects such as investment, business, restructuring, etc. and provide legal consultation. · Perform activities related to the establishment, revision, and discarding of company regulations, which are the legal basis of company management.
IT · Manage corporate IT system's headcount, S/W, H/W etc. · Plan and monitor the enterprise-wide information protection system and support its implementation.
Financial Accounting · Carry out accounting and establish settlement directions based on the management policy of the company, company accounting guidelines, and tax laws. · Execute the settlement announcement and provide the data that is necessary for the management and investment using the accumulated accounting and sales data.
Human Resource · Acquire and maintain potential employees who are suitable for our business areas based on the vision of our company. · Support the execution of business management through systematic talent development.
General Affairs · Establish/execute annual plans for corporate events and execute protocol events regarding the activities of executives. · Carry out efficient asset management and support activities regarding tangible/intangible assets of the company.